Easy Pizza


2 cups plain Flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp yeast – mix with 1.5 cup warm water with tsp sugar

olive oil run all over the bottom and top before proofing

leave for 30min to raise in warm place

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Get fit during the holidays…

Finally the end of year break has come for big boy! He is ecstatic and we commemorated his freedom by going for daily jogs. He has a paunch to get rid of (yes, at a tender age of 10….) and I have an even greater one to get rid of (justifiable at my age and after pulling two rabbits out of the tummy)

We did a 7km along punggol waterfront park today, and checked another 7km yesterday along neighboring routes, where big boy also checked out chef in box along the way. He even brought spare change along…hoping to grab a bite after jog. Gosh!

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Johor Bahru (Bukit Indah)

I recently went on a short trip with my favorite (and only!!!) girlfriend. It was a long awaited trip, since both our journeys into motherhood took away our personal “me” times. This round, we got our husbands to stand in and we left without a care for our well deserved break!

We had explored a couple of options after getting dates sorted out. Bangkok, Hong Kong, Malaysia. We thought we were so headed to Bangkok but alas, the pricey airfares didn’t justify the trip. I had some work commitments crop up last minute too so we were left with no option except a 2D1N to Johor in Malaysia.

To be honest, it was going to be my solo virgin drive up to Bukit Indah. I’ve been there several times but this was different as we had no men with us, and I was going to to try to maneuver my way there. I didn’t dare tell my gf that I was only 60% confident, but heck, girlfriends are for getting lost together too, right?

To cut the story short, we made it successfully to Bukit Indah and back to Singapore.

We had a whirlwind shopping spree. My girlfriend didn’t expect to spend 6 hours in a mall just doing nothing but eating and shopping. The cheap prices (up to 50%) on many essentials meant great savings for us. And we had a great bone braking massage which really relieved our stiffened mother’s bones. Not to mention the lots of cheap and yummy food.

In case you are wondering if the place is suitable for kids, I bet it is. Aeon mall itself has kids indoor gyms, lots of kiddie rides, claw catchers, simple and kid friendly food and restaurants, clean toilets. Even popular bookshop gets my big boy intrigued as he can buy his favorite books and stationery at better prices. And when you are tired, Jco, Starbucks, shih lin, llao llao, aunty Annie’s , old town cafe won’t fail you and your kids.

This place can be accessed by bus from Singapore, but will be more convenient if you can drive in since parking is easily and cheaply available there. Plus, if you are a mummy like us, you’ll go mad over diapers, milk powder, wet wipes, snacks, and even frozen food. Heck, I used to cart oil and rice even.

For more information, check out my Bukit indah post previously…

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How much time do you waste a day?

And so I decided to put my time to good use today.

I’ve been rather upset with myself for spending countless hours after the kids sleep, at the iPad. Mostly reading gossip online, or gaming. (And no, thankfully online shopping is not my thing. Maybe not yet.) nothing constructive. And I even justified that by reading articles that encouraged mummies to continue to do so as part of their ME time end of day routine.

I’ve also been rather upset that despite losing quite some weight past few months, I’ve been binging so much that I put back double the pounds. I just couldn’t find the right time, gear, type of exercise for my weak knees, and weather to exercise. Oh yes, you can’t believe how much struggles i have when it comes to exercise. I mean, to many people, it’s lame. But to me, it’s so legit. I hate perspiring in the day and having to shower means wet hair which will take hours to dry, and killing my rebonded hair. (Don’t laugh, I know many of you have this concern too..) my weak knees meant no aerobic type of exercises… I couldn’t manage those squats and lunges I saw in those home-exercise videos, plus I couldn’t bear exercising at home cos you know.. I have neighbors at all directions and I don’t think they like hearing a hippo pounding away on their walls).

After mulling the above two issues, I decided to marry them and solve the problem.

I put on my battle torn Asics, heel rubber all dropped off from the last 3 Macritchie hikes over the past 3 years (record of ONE hike per year…pathetic..) and headed out for my walk-jog-see-snap at 11.15pm today.

I Started out by checking carousel for the iPhone lightning earphones which I only realized I didn’t have them after taking out my 3.5mm jack earphones and trying to locate the jack in my iPhone 7. Ahh.. pathetic again. So, there was a seller just 700m down the road. And I jogged there, paid him a good $20 for USED ear pieces, sterilized it immediately with my alcohol swabs and put on my Spotify. What is a jog without some heavy thumping music to groove you along?!

If you are starting out to jog, let me introduce you two useful apps. First, as mentioned, Spotify. Maybe I’m really techno geek, don’t u dare laugh at me again! I only just discovered Spotify, a wonderful music player that can run in the background, unlike YouTube.

Then, we have runkeeper, an app by Asics. It tracks the map of your run, measures the distance, calories, speed, and frequency of your runs. I liked the calorie part. Very rewarding to see those numbers. I didn’t know I could clock 8km?! (Started the app late)

And lastly, I decided to do a neighborhood scan during my job to satisfy that window shopaholic in me. I checked out the “Chef-in-box food dispensers at blk 302C Anchorvale. Really cool place and I liked that they had eu yang sang! Hahah not bad! Prices are reasonable too! And check out their neat dining area if you choose to dine there. Not bad at all! I didn’t try the food but I think I will Dabao one day to try.

So all those zig zag lines you see on my runkeeper map are really my neighborhood shop scan in action. It’s so woman … shopping, you had me and hello?

By the end of my run, I popped into Ntuc Fairprice at my void deck for that air con to cool down. And did some grocery.

In exchange for 2 hours of sedentary iPad time, I unlocked several achievements:

– spun the most number of pokestops ever (hahaha, bet you didn’t see that coming!)

– bought my iPhone lightning earpods at 11.30pm…

– researched YouTube on unclogging toilet bowl chokes to prepare myself for the battle tomorrow at the workplace toilet bowl

– mapped out some resources in anchorvale area

– burnt 600 calories (I think it’s barely a third of my sinful curry chicken dinner meal…but hey! I won’t ever get that with 2 hours on the iPad on the bed!)

– did grocery shopping for tomorrow

So, what do you think and say about the hours you have wasted? Let’s just hope whichever way we put it to constructive use, we are able to keep up with it.

For now, my hair is about 70% dry, and I’ll go to bed thinking about the new Asics shoes, and Philips $150 hairdryer…and how my legs would ache (or not) in a few hours when I wake up…

Farms in Singapore for kids

Farms in North-East for kids

The past two days were just so hot. Apparently temperature spiked and we had a little heatwave (nothing compared to the real heatwave in other countries). When I visited a nursery, I realized the blue berry leaves had been burnt. Indeed they are not made out for our weather, but yet we have people trying to acclimatize them.
Anyway, temperature cooled off a little today afternoon. It was finally time to play!

There are many interesting farms in the Seletar area.

We dropped by Sun Pets and Aquarium where little boy tried hard to engage that huge dog ( no joke.. that dog was about twice his height if it stood up, or perhaps even more?!) while I had to keep restraining him. Yea, restrain my child from the dog and not the other way round…

At Sun Pets, they specialize in aquarium fish. They have special fishes like discus and crayfish. It’s also a one stop pet supply shop for other pets like dogs, cats, etc. That said, the only pets sold there were aquarium ones and cats. Not a big area, but it’s air conditioned…. aaahhhh….that’s a huge relief.

If you are into fishes, go to sea view just at the entrance of the whole seletar west farmway. They have far far far (lol their stock is so amazing my eyes couldn’t stop moving) more aquarium supplies compared to sun pets. They do carry fishes too, at a slightly lower cost cos there’s no aircon, and the quality doesn’t appear fantastic. Good for casual aquarist.

Then, there’s always the favorite Animal Resort nearby. Kids get to feed and observe little pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, quails housed in cute farm houses. Then, there’s the aquatic pets like ducks, fishes, geese..

And the exotic ones like crown crane, peacock, marabou stock, cassowary, and horse. It’s a pretty small but neat farm. Lots of fun and learning for little kids or even bigger kids like me!

And of cos, little boy has to have his exercises. Those old skool metal swings, tire swing, monkey bars and obstacle courses just didn’t stop him from flexing his muscles and huge grin!

Animals and farms never fail to bring loads of fun. And wait, did I mention? There’s no cost involved in any of these visits. No entrance fees whatsoever. It’ll be better if you can drive in, as it’s not a really nice walk all the way in due to the gravel road and safety (very narrow roads for cars so it’s pretty dangerous if you have to walk on the road with lots of bends). Just bring lots of water, insect repellant, and some cash for buying feeds for the animals at the animal resort ($2 for 3 types of feeds is really affordable) , or a guppy or two if you fancy.