Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery (part 2) – healing and recovery

I shall keep this part short.

If you have gone for eyebrow embroidery, you would already know recovery is not as fuss free as it was touted to be. If you haven’t, be warned.

So, did you think you were going to have fabulous brows the instance you finish the embroidery?


Down time

Each time you do an embroidery, it’s at least 7-10 days that you have crayon Chan eyebrows. It looks like you stuck 2 eyebrow shaped stickers onto your brows.


For the next ten days or so, be prepared to live with the discomfort of itchy brows. You are not allowed to touch or scratch them, or even get them wet.

The ink on the area that the tattooist cuts or pokes into will form a crust, much like those crusts and scabs you get after scraping your knees. If you peel or scratch those off, you will get a scar where there’s no skin and maybe even hair, and a permanent one. So, be warned!

What you need to do is apply a thin layer of the cream your tattooist will give you, before bath and sleep. It helps to prevent water from coming into the brows, and from premature drying up and dropping off on its own. The irony is that although it itches, you do want it to stay on a bit cos the faster it drops off, the less ink is retained.

In my first round, I hardly applied the cream. The ends and edges of the brows dried up fairly fast and dropped off. So the brows looked short and uneven.

After touch up (a month after first round), I religiously applied the cream. The brows stayed on til day 10 with a bit of the scabs drying up at the ends. When I finally couldn’t stand having the scabs on for so long, I peeled them off. They are actually dry but the sparse hairs were holding them onto the brow area. And I had a perfect shape.

Getting around recovery

To help you feel less troubled, firstly, do know that though you look like crayon chan , most people would not give a damn about it when they see you. It is actually not that bad, just that you are not used to it yourself.

Next, when it comes to washing of face, I had to avoid work cos I didn’t know how to wash my face without wetting the brows.

I finally learnt that the only way to wash is to use a wash cloth or wet your wet wipes.

And lastly, when you sleep, try to avoid sleeping on your sides of your face cos the movement might cause the tail ends of the brows to be rubbed off.

For all you pretty ladies, go in confidence!


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