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Eyebrow embroidery / Misty eyebrows

And so after nearly a decade, I plucked up courage to do something (semi permanent) to my pathetic almost non-existent brows.

Since I do not reveal any personal photos on my social media (don’t ask, I’m just shy ok??), you wouldn’t know how I look like.

But one thing that bothers me constantly are my non-existential brows. Not that anyone knows and is bothered by that cos they won’t ever see me without brows (I always draw them on). But it bothers me enough to make me do something about it, and in a way that is “invasive”. For the record, I am all for natural. No plastic, Botox, or even supplements. I try as much as possible to live healthy but eating properly and avoid contact with unhealthy stuff such as chemical laden food or products.

Why I did microblading aka eyebrow embroidery?

For those with a nice set of brows, good for you, and you would never identify with the issues I have.

Being browless is not as bad as going bald, since it affects only a small area. But we all know brows help frame a face up, and gives it the edge. Brows of different shape can also help enhance facial features.

I have a pretty 24/7 lifestyle. I am able to manage my time flexibly, but what this means is work all the time…with time for kids and family interwoven in. Unlike office based employees, I get to work at my own time and pace to manage my business. So exactly how bad can browless be a problem for me since I don’t really have time constraints?

It does. Imagine going for a work out or swim, and the drawn on eyebrows melt off in front of that hunk at the gym or pool? or having it rubbed off accidentally during work (imagine major meeting and one moment you have brows, and one moment you don’t), waking up feeling like shit and feeling even more shitty after looking into the mirror to see No brows. And even going to the coffes shop or ntuc downstairs means I have to spend at least 5-10 minutes in front of the mirror drawing on the brows,

5-10 minutes is actually not a lot, especially since im pretty good at drawing eyebrow given the practice Thru the years. Oh but some times, I just feel so tired when I wake up, or so hungry that I want to zip in and out of the supermarket to get mundane stuff without having to look horrendous without brows. Or worse, have some romantic night with the hubby only to wake up to shabby and browless face.

I have a male friend who once told me that he bedded a Korean and woke up to a rude shock the next morning. Yea, I think that’s how our spouses and boyfriends might feel. Hahahah.

So with all that,I finally mustered the courage to get cut up.

What types of eyebrow embroidery or microblading are there?

There are many types in the market now. If I have to recount from the past, it all started with tattooing of eyebrows during our grandparents’ and parents’ days. Remember those tattooed brows that turned green like moldy after a few years.

Then the revolution of brown brows set in. With the same tattoo technique, where the entire brow is tattooed on, but with brown ink, thereby saving women of having moldy brows.

In the recent years, we hear terms like embroidery, 3D, 6D, misty. Ok, while I know there is a huge difference between misty and the Ds, basically all of them are still tattoos at the end of the day, just that they are being done differently.

At present, I would say there are two main types – 6D and Misty.

Misty refers to having the entire brow area tattooed on, but with gradients and shades. It’s what you would look like if you draw on your brows. This uses a poking action to get the ink distributed all over the brow area

6D refers to making brow like strokes to imitate real hair. It uses a small knife to cut fine lines that resemble hairs.

So which works for who?

If you already have some hairs and just need enhancement , go for 6D.

If you have really sparse hairs like me, go for misty.

What does it entail?

You will typically receive two sessions (one tattoo, and one touch up session)

Prior to doing anything, the beautician will draw the desired eyebrow shapes.

At both sessions, you get numbed via application of a numbing cream for about 15-30minutes. Then, they will use the tools to do the poking or cutting.

Cost can vary from $300 to even absurd ones like thousands!

So do your homework and contact each and each agent or to clarify.

Downtime is about 10 days, you will look like crayon Chan for 10 days.

Stay on for part 2 where I share the process, talk about the healing and maintenance.


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