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Playground & Park Hopping : Admiralty Park

I realised that I enjoy bringing the boys to the park, A LOT.

Exposure to some sun and outdoor play is vital for our otherwise sedentary weekday lives.

Admiralty Park is one of the latest parks in Singapore that boasts of 26 slides. It doesn’t span a huge area like some parks do, its just like your neighbourhood mall, small but has everything. It does have some pretty challenging terrain for the mummies and daddies, and especially grandparents, cos some areas are literally hard to access without having some basic body strength and even balance.

The highlight of this park is none other than its 26 slides, which are spread across two main areas – one for the older kids above 5 and one for the younger kids below 5. I particularly loved the way they made this arrangement, as it looks into the safety of the 5 year olds and below. Sadly to say, since the park is right next to Republic Poly, we do get non 5 year olds from the Poly infiltrating the slides at all sections, and thereby making the place a little unsafe (mainly due to their rough play and use of equipment).

Parking is available right at the entrance of this park, which is about 500m walk to the playground itself. While I didn’t see any food vending machines in the park, you will be pleased to know that the park is right next to, and accessible to, Republic Polytechnic. Here, you get plenty of good cheap food, and even groceries if you need to as they have Cheers convenience store and a bookstore even. This is where you need to head to in the event of massive downpour too, since the shelters at this park are limited and small.

Within the park is a toilet where you can access the water cooler as well.

So, yea, we had a ball of our time here. Don’t bother bringing your scooters. The park is really too small for them to scoot much. Slides alone are good enough for entertainment.


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