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Johor Bahru (Bukit Indah)

I recently went on a short trip with my favorite (and only!!!) girlfriend. It was a long awaited trip, since both our journeys into motherhood took away our personal “me” times. This round, we got our husbands to stand in and we left without a care for our well deserved break!

We had explored a couple of options after getting dates sorted out. Bangkok, Hong Kong, Malaysia. We thought we were so headed to Bangkok but alas, the pricey airfares didn’t justify the trip. I had some work commitments crop up last minute too so we were left with no option except a 2D1N to Johor in Malaysia.

To be honest, it was going to be my solo virgin drive up to Bukit Indah. I’ve been there several times but this was different as we had no men with us, and I was going to to try to maneuver my way there. I didn’t dare tell my gf that I was only 60% confident, but heck, girlfriends are for getting lost together too, right?

To cut the story short, we made it successfully to Bukit Indah and back to Singapore.

We had a whirlwind shopping spree. My girlfriend didn’t expect to spend 6 hours in a mall just doing nothing but eating and shopping. The cheap prices (up to 50%) on many essentials meant great savings for us. And we had a great bone braking massage which really relieved our stiffened mother’s bones. Not to mention the lots of cheap and yummy food.

In case you are wondering if the place is suitable for kids, I bet it is. Aeon mall itself has kids indoor gyms, lots of kiddie rides, claw catchers, simple and kid friendly food and restaurants, clean toilets. Even popular bookshop gets my big boy intrigued as he can buy his favorite books and stationery at better prices. And when you are tired, Jco, Starbucks, shih lin, llao llao, aunty Annie’s , old town cafe won’t fail you and your kids.

This place can be accessed by bus from Singapore, but will be more convenient if you can drive in since parking is easily and cheaply available there. Plus, if you are a mummy like us, you’ll go mad over diapers, milk powder, wet wipes, snacks, and even frozen food. Heck, I used to cart oil and rice even.

For more information, check out my Bukit indah post previously…


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