Farms in Singapore for kids

Farms in North-East for kids

The past two days were just so hot. Apparently temperature spiked and we had a little heatwave (nothing compared to the real heatwave in other countries). When I visited a nursery, I realized the blue berry leaves had been burnt. Indeed they are not made out for our weather, but yet we have people trying to acclimatize them.
Anyway, temperature cooled off a little today afternoon. It was finally time to play!

There are many interesting farms in the Seletar area.

We dropped by Sun Pets and Aquarium where little boy tried hard to engage that huge dog ( no joke.. that dog was about twice his height if it stood up, or perhaps even more?!) while I had to keep restraining him. Yea, restrain my child from the dog and not the other way round…

At Sun Pets, they specialize in aquarium fish. They have special fishes like discus and crayfish. It’s also a one stop pet supply shop for other pets like dogs, cats, etc. That said, the only pets sold there were aquarium ones and cats. Not a big area, but it’s air conditioned…. aaahhhh….that’s a huge relief.

If you are into fishes, go to sea view just at the entrance of the whole seletar west farmway. They have far far far (lol their stock is so amazing my eyes couldn’t stop moving) more aquarium supplies compared to sun pets. They do carry fishes too, at a slightly lower cost cos there’s no aircon, and the quality doesn’t appear fantastic. Good for casual aquarist.

Then, there’s always the favorite Animal Resort nearby. Kids get to feed and observe little pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, quails housed in cute farm houses. Then, there’s the aquatic pets like ducks, fishes, geese..

And the exotic ones like crown crane, peacock, marabou stock, cassowary, and horse. It’s a pretty small but neat farm. Lots of fun and learning for little kids or even bigger kids like me!

And of cos, little boy has to have his exercises. Those old skool metal swings, tire swing, monkey bars and obstacle courses just didn’t stop him from flexing his muscles and huge grin!

Animals and farms never fail to bring loads of fun. And wait, did I mention? There’s no cost involved in any of these visits. No entrance fees whatsoever. It’ll be better if you can drive in, as it’s not a really nice walk all the way in due to the gravel road and safety (very narrow roads for cars so it’s pretty dangerous if you have to walk on the road with lots of bends). Just bring lots of water, insect repellant, and some cash for buying feeds for the animals at the animal resort ($2 for 3 types of feeds is really affordable) , or a guppy or two if you fancy.


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