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Hong Kong & Shen Zhen 2017

And so my travel adventures begin as I am completely freed from my part time studies. I still have to officially take leave from my full time home based job as a mother.

To celebrate my new found freedom, my home employer said YES, albeit a tad unwilling cos he’s not the kind to leave his family behind and go for a trip on his own.

After countless researching and monitoring of air fares, I decided on HK SZ and booked my flight on scoot. It cost me $200. I factored in additional baggage on my return flight so I could load on those wife biscuits.

A week before the flight, I got really excited. But not becos I had to fly. There was a no.10 typhoon that landed in hk and Macau and caused quite some havoc, particularly for Macau.

As typhoon hako went off, typhoon pakhor came just a few days before I flew. Very exciting indeed. Two days before I flew, the news was still raving about yet another impending typhoon, Mawar. Nobody knew how exciting Mawar was going to be, and that brought about much concern for me. Nonetheless, I went ahead and decided to make the best use of time in hk.

And so it was that I scoured the island for all the Michelin and raved foods, took my first step in china (for more food), and tracked like mad to burn off the loads of food I wolfed. Thankfully, I wasn’t blown away, didn’t run out of food or money, survived in a one star hotel with a really dingy environment, and found my way around rathe successfully.

I had a really good time, and I miss the darlings loads (read as quite some) and I’m ready to go back for some diaper changing and lung exercise (aka screaming at the kids).

What I did:

– stayed at 3D dragon inn hk $220 for four nights

Dingy as the lift and corridors looked… they look exactly like where drug stuff take place in your typical hk movies

Hotel reception… looks like Halloween..
My saving grace in that my room still looks liveable if I choose to ignore what’s outside..

Came with free toiletries that I didn’t dare to use boo Hoo 
I had a corner room with a magic window! Look at that contrasting view of the outside! Looking at that made me feel like I’m living in 5-star….

– visited these restaurants : yat lok for roast goose, kam wah for bo Luo you, xu liu Shan for mango sago, hung kee for porridge, mammy pancake for Michelin egg waffles, lung Jin for street food like curried fish balls and siew mai, had stinky tofu and gong cha, macdonalds, Australian milk company, Yee shun dairy,

Hung lee for congee on the last day where I had to give my bulging tummy a break

Mammy pancake.. crisp yet soft and vanilla taste was great!

This Chee Cheong fun and siew mai was da bomb at He Yi Tai… worth the queue!

Lots of these skewered stuff everywhere which is affordable and yummy

Yee shun famous for milk pudding and pork chop bun

Australia dairy company famous for milk pudding

Lung Jin street food … all 3 for I think 50hkd. Cheap. But be warned..

Those siew mais and fish balls are nothing but flour… haha

Pizza Hut is 必胜客! holy smoke… hahah

More mac.. Mac is my Reliable partner. Look at this macaroni breakfast lol

Never ever buy 7-12 prepacked food even if you are dying of hunger.. this pork Choo rice and spaghetti taste I cannot forget forever

Cos it’s so yucky..

Highly raved Jenny biscuits

Yat lok for roasted pork and goose! Yummy!!!

Goh Zai noodles which was Shown in tv show in Singapore. Yummy and I think I tasted tons of lard…

Some Curry and mixed rice for our first lunch at Kimberley street

– visited wet market to get some dried noodles, hang heng and wing wah for traditional wife pastry

Best ever dried noodles I ever eaten.. this got wiped out in 2 days. Now I can’t settle for normal standard anymore!! How u tell me!!

– zero shopping done.

As you can see it’s really all about the food. I put on 5 kg…time for diet.

Some tips for travelers:

Getting around:

HK is well connected by bus, MTR (their subway or mrt) and taxi.

From airport to anywhere, the cheapest option is the Cityflyer bus. Check out their routes and fares via google. I paid hkd 66 (S$13) for two-way from airport to Kowloon.

The only MTR from airport to town is a special MTR known as airport express. One-way costs about S$8-12 via klook.com

Once in town (Kowloon or Hong Kong island, or other islands), the MTR is your best friend. Not only it is well connected, it has convenient exits to the places that you want to go.


Most of us can’t live without this for fb, google, gps, watsapp, Skype..

Good news is there’s McDonald’s all around, and you can check into their free wifi almost everywhere! Many malls, and even public areas also offer their free wifi access. Or simply pick up a data sim anywhere in hk telco shops that is compatible with the wifi router if you had one for about hkd50 (S$8+) for 5-7 days.

If you want guaranteed wifi upon reaching hk, Grab a portable wifi router for about S$7/day especially if you are sharing among many people. I’ve learnt that this might be the best option for tech-unsavvy people like me! Hahaha…I had brought my wifi router but failed to use my SIM card from M1 to route or surf.

Street food IS cheap food

Food is available everywhere, but cheap food is only available on the streets. Akin to our old Chang kee, you can get stinky tofu, curry fish balls, siew mais for as cheap as hkd10-15 (S$2-4). McDonald’s will set you back hkd40 (S$7-8). Otherwise, any other typical meal goes for about hkd100 on average. Pretty expensive I will say. Since I was on a budget mission this trip, I relied heavily on street food and mac.

What do Singaporeans do or get cheaply in Hong Kong?


Sneakers: I’m not really into fashion and all, but I think people do go hk to get sneakers (they have a whole street at FA Yuen street dedicated to adidas, nike, etc).

Electronics: hk is tax free. So yea, and apple iPad goes for about S$200 lesser than sgd. just make sure u buy stuff with international warranty.


Roast goose: simply cos geese are banned in Singapore. I wonder how foie grass still exists in sg…hmmmm

Jenny biscuits: i mean.. some of us get jeered for being scammed to buy cookies in a teddy bear tin. But seriously, these cookies are worth a try. Extremely crunchy, buttery and yummy. They go for about hkd100 a tin. An outlet happens to be within mirador mansion where I stayed. Almost everyone comes out with at least 10 tins each. For consumption or resale I’m not sure. They have many outlets so do check them out when you are there

Wife biscuits: there are so many versions and brands of this popular pastry. I prefer the ones from hang heung in a traditional paper box which is more buttery. Most people succumb to wing wah which sells properly packed ones which are available at the airport too.

A regular restaurant that serves decent food for about hkd40-50 is the 大家乐 sort of like our wan chai cafe in Singapore. There’s lots of variety in their menu and taste is not bad.


Really, sightseeing is for young kids, old folks, and newbies. There’s evergreen Disneyland, Ocean Park, the Peak, etc. i did nothing of those cos really, I was all out for food and street life this round. Heck, I even attended service on Sunday. So much for street life.

But since I was faced with typhoon no.3 MaWa typhoon, I told myself I had to experience it for once, since sg never gets such stuff. So, off to Victoria harbor star ferry terminal we went. No.3 felt like a heavy shower in sg, sans lightning and thunder. Not loud and heavy enough compared to our scary thunderstorms in sg complete with lightning streaks and thunders.

But there must be a reason the little sparrows came in for shelter.

So yes we’ve officially come to the end of this post .. stay tuned to my shenzhen food story after this!


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