Kelong dining (near Palau Ubin)

I came across some articles written about Kelong dining near Ubin and made a reservation for little boy's birthday.

To get there, we had to take a chartered bum boat from Changi Point a Ferry Terminal.

It was the first such Kelong dining and visit for all 13 of us. Imagine getting a boat ride, checking out what a Kelong really looks like, enjoying sea breeze, eating on swaying platforms, chasing after kids who were fearlessly dashing about those planks which were like obstacle courses for the adults.

Toilet was the most rustic…

We had a little fun trying our hands at fishing with some lines and hooks we brought along. Of cos we didn't catch anything haha..

The words I have for this experience will be rustic, authentic, and fun. It's not for those who easily get sea sick though.

For our guts to try this, we were pleasantly rewarded with some beautifully home cooked delicacies. Nothing near restaurant standard, but definitely tasted like the dishes our Grandma used to cook. Every seafood has such a sweet taste of the sea.

TherE were more but I was too busy chasing the kids to take any. Didn't do justice to those sweet prawns that came much later.

Everyone agreed it was an out of the ordinary experience. Way before the trip, everyone was rather excited and we had to contain the excitement. By the end of the trip, we still thought it was a wonderful get together. But if you would to ask me, I really worried about the kids dropping into a shark infested sea. Sigh…

Goodbye Kelong..see you again!


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