Outdoor fun in Sunny Singapore

Kite festival 2017 at Marina Barage

It’s kite galore at the Barage!

We opted for some outdoor fun and gamely went to the kite festival sans sun protection cos it was a last minute decision.

It was baking hot but pretty fun. Not a huge turnout so we got lots of space for flying our own kite. The kite we brought didn’t work cos it was too “lembek” so a nice Indian (presumably gardener there) scammed us a good one at $10 (bargained down from $15). It’s ok since we needed one anyway, one that could fly. 

Fly it did… adding lots of colours to the sky.

We caught some nice demonstrations by local and international kit flying experts too.

Did the boys enjoy?

Yup! The highlight was the huge bag of potato chips we brought. Well, they had some fun from the scootering around, craft and games stall which they got some presents, playing with cute dogs, and baking while flying the kite.

Simple but healthy and fun! 

About Marina Barage:

The Barage is THE place you go to kite flying, catching a wonderful view of our famous landscape in the heart of Singapore. You can visit a gallery to learn about water sustainability in Singapore. The Barage allows Singapore to have water supply from the sea and acts as a floodgate to prevent flooding. Other facilities there include a restaurant, water play area, and sculptures for those into the arts.

Happy weekend!


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