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Outdoor playground at WestGate (Jurong)

I recently discovered a haven at Jurong. For the many childhood years i grew up at Jurong, Jurong was one of the most boring areas to me

Now, before I get slammed for having science centre within walking distance from my place, and IMM a running distance from my place, to be fair, that’s about what there is that was great about Jurong (east).

Oh and the old Jurong entertainment centre where I spent much of my teenage years investing in driving lessons at the arcade. I did really well at motorbike but never got that license though. Let’s not get into that, not very pleasant memories.

When I returned to Jurong today, I couldn’t recognize it at all. New streets new malls, new image.

Was i in a bit of a dreamland when I discovered westgate. Not bad for first experiences! Lunch was great at hot tomatoes. Then I discovered time zone there was spacious, new, and had stuff for both my kiddos to play, there was my favorite isetan jap food festival, what more could I ask for?

Today I explored west gate again in greater detail. Guess what I found? This little haven for the kids? The moment we reached, the kids got lost in it. After a long morning of swimming class, I’m surprised they had energy. But play they did. So, if you are running short of ideas for an integrated place for kids and adults, try westgate. The kids get what they want, and you will get yours too (if you let them have theirs first).

It’s the outdoor playground- tree house and giant house. It’s not your typical outdoor playground with water play. This one is dry play, I like! There’s some mini water play by the side if you must though.

Little pods by the side for parents

Pods for kids who just prefer a bit of solitary space

Adjoining structure from treehouse 

Giant house 

Wonderland is at level 4.

Check out the tree house again.. when on earth did we have such fun stuff in our days?!


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