All things sweet and yummy

Châteraiśe patisserie from Japan

I finally came across Chateraise at Nex.

Seen a few posts on this supposedly yummy cake and heard a bit about it so decided to get some to try

As usual, I go with safe conventional choices. Cannot go wrong. Chocolate and legendary (the strawberry one).

What I like is the thoughtfulness. They included an ice pack (the white stuff at the right). I didn’t even know that! 

Worth the hype? For a similar price or even lower price ($5.10 per piece for the legendary) as many other premium cake shops, its definitely worth. For the chocolate, One bite and u can tell they used dark chocolate. Not just dark, but super rich. Until there’s nothing sweet about this chocolate cake. If u ask me, I’ll gladly pay for dark chocolate. Can’t tell you how much benefits it has for me and maybe many other women and it doesn’t give me love handles lol.

And the legendary? Tad sweet for my liking but pls bear in mind I have super low tolerance for sugar, so this is considered really good already. But omg… that cream?? It’s to die for. Super light fluffy and even tasty! I guess that’s what they got themselves famous for… Hokkaido milk and spring waters apparently go into their cakes.

Verdict: worth the hype! At least for the two flavours I tried. There’s another Mille crepe cake that’s supposedly a signature too but that’s for the next time!
Update on 2 July: I bought 2 chocolate cake, 1 macha, 1 orange chocolate, 2 tiramisu, 2 cute panda Swiss roll slices, 1 strawberry ice cream on stick and it all came up to only $32. By the time I tried, most were devoured… 

I tried tiramisu. Omg, one of the best few I’ve tried. For tiramisu, I don’t like those that are not sweet at all, and those very strong in liquor. I hate those that claim they are tiramisus but taste like a cheap coffee cake. This really worked! I can see myself so getting into this chateraise hype.

One thing I gotta rant about. They’ve expanded too fast and customer service is not keeping up. Funnily, I started seeing chateriase everywhere I went over the past few days after first noticing it at joke, it was everywhere I went – Liang court, west gate, bishan, Amk hub. I went to the one at Liang court today. The sales girls were so lost. They didn’t know how to attend to customers, were fumbling around with wrapping orders, even payment was a problem cos they had to ask me what I bought. Best off, they couldn’t tell me what is in that cute pink pig cake. And oh, did I mention the ice cream. An older staff, let’s just call her aunty so u can understand the impression I’m trying to give, she took the wire basket full of ice cream sticks out and put them onto the glass doors of the freezer chests. The whole wire basket was heavy cos it was full of ice cream. And the ice cream were left outside freezing temperature while she arranged the rest inside. If I’m her employer, seriously…I wouldn’t be her employer. Lol. Don’t want to say too loud. By the time I took a peek after she was done literally dumping ice cream sticks into the freezer chests, everything was messy (ice creams sorted into wrong places, and not arranged neatly). And I saw quite a few ice creams out of shape (those in transparent packagaing that I could see through) cos they had melted and were squashed. Argh, the only saving grace for today’s experience was that of the baker (not sure what they call them) who came to tell me what was in that pig on his own initiative, and thank god the cakes tasted really good from this messy outlet!


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