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Birthday Party at Pororo Park (Marina Square)

Little boy received an invitation from his classmate for a birthday party at Pororo Park.

Prior to going, I searched online for information but couldn’t figure out what’s in for invited guests. Nothing was written on the invitation card except for basic details. I didn’t even know we had to bring socks.

So for those going to Pororo Park, here’s what’s in store.

If you are an invited guest for a party there, your entrance fee is paid for! Just bring your socks.

The park starts at 10.30am but guests can be admitted at 10am for VIP access so they get the whole park to themselves before the crowd comes in.

Kids will be ushered to a party room that’s nicely done up where they’ll play some games with the park staff before being treated to lunch.

Lots of cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, cake pops, sweets and lollipops.
Gift table – drinks, Goody bags, and presents for birthday girl!

You receive a Goody bag with the following items. There’s a sand painting kit that’s not in the picture. #latergram

Guest appearance by who else other than main character!!

We had about three hours of fun in the park. I was so bushed but the kids were just so delighted.


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