Beaches and camping and bbq

Camping with the kids at East Coast Park

Camping at parks is one of the best activities for kids in Singapore. It combines all the fun elements like sand play, water play, tenting and all the yummiest snacks you will eat at the beach.

It is free, except you have to apply for a camping permit online at

If you are camping at East Coast Park, take note that you can only do so at Areas D and G. Area C is where the Marine cove is, together with  MacDonald’s. It is now revamped and includes a big children’s playground. Hence, I settled for area D which is next to Area C.

Our beaches are not pristine enough, but it is decent enough for kids to play and for adults to have a chill time in our tents.

Excellent bonding time for the two boys. First time I could enjoy and relak in the tent for hours and blog, without having to step in for their petty fights… aaaaaahhhh this is good.

And because the June holidays are coming to an end (yay and nay…lol), I decided to give the boys their first treat to the beach and also first camping experience to end off a wonderful month.

Some of the items we brought for a half day trip include:

  • Waterproof Tent (4 man tent $40 at Giant after discount!)
  • Lots of chilled and frozen drinks in a ice box – this will be the hit of the day!
  • Lots of tissue, toilet paper, and wet wipes
  • Chargers and portable devices like fan, Hp, iPad
  • Camping food (potato salad, pasta, sandwiches, and of cos tidbits…)
  • Some activities for the kids to play
  • Their kick scooters
  • Spare changes of clothes and towels
  • My smaller boy’s bolster…. this is an essential cos he will likely get sleepy after lunch.
  • Some first aid supplies like plasters and gauzes
  • A small roller trolley to transport everything 

Total cost of the items above estimated to be at $60, with the tent costing $40. But that’s a good investment cos each tent could potentially last us about 5-8 trips? The rest are just food from the kitchen or supplies within the house. Oh but I spent $8.90 on a rechargeable portable fan. Just in case…
Once the tent was up, nobody got in. Rather, they did sand play for nearly Two hours! We are thankful for great weather, lots of breeze, and lots of clouds that covered the sunshine up! Hooray cos I didn’t bring sunblock!

Back in the tent, we enjoyed our cold salads and pastas and drinks.. and of cos snacks. This is life!!!

Til December where we will sleep overnight (will have to get some foldable mattresses then)!


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