Chef Bibimbap vs Chilli Crabs (RWS Sentosa)

For Father’s Day weekend, I brought the kids and my parents out for a musical.

Years back when my older boy was 4, we had watched it at Esplanade. 

I thought the musical should be enhanced by now, and since there was 50% off early shows using passion card or RWs card, and it’s been some time we visited Rws, I gave it a go.

I got the cat 1 tickets and received free ice lemon tea and chilli crab tarts which were warm, crispy and yummy!
We loaded our scooters into the car and the boys had such fun scooting around the big spaces there. 

Had a wonderful lunch at Putien, and totally dig it, all young and old.

The highlight of the day was supposed to be the musical, but it totally disappointed me. Nothing much changed since few years back, which made me wonder what the hell they had been so busy with, and justified the theatre which was barely a third full. All the stage props, segments, and even lines of the actors/actresses were almost the same. Our local actress Hayley Woo took part. She couldn’t sing, was off tune, and did nothing to enhance the show except maybe look cute? On a side note, the kids did enjoy all that beat boxing, breakdancing and silly jokes, even the small one. So overall rating is still 6/10 for the experience. For $40/ ticket, I could have done more fun stuff with the kids.

At least we had an enjoyable lunch, and we made a trip to vivo timezone for the first time to play. Glad I did go to vivo, the food court at level three was excellent!


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