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Yun Nam Hair Care

So I ended up at Yun Nam Haircare today after receiving a free trial that comes with hair care set from getting air tickets.

Half a year back, I went desperately to walk in to quite a few hair care shops. Everybody told me they were full for the day, and nobody entertained me further. Today, my hair loss is so severe that I lose a big ball of hair everyday. So I took up the free trial.

I reached at 12:45 and was given a lot of talk. Despite knowing I’m here for free trial, she gave me lots of package options. I had to tell her that I’m here for trial and I won’t commit anything today. Slowly, the packages reduced from 20 sessions to 10 to 5 and then 2. The price remained at $150 per session. If I took the biggest package it will be $3300 (after a $300 cashback) plus a customized hair care package. If I took 2 sessions, it’s $300. No difference, I thought. 

Finally she understood I was not commiting to anything and looked disappointed but still brought me to treatment area. I was a little too straightforward and probably overly firm, but she remained very professional. Good start.

Past the beautiful but basic looking reception, It looked like any normal hair salon inside. Many metal stands with wheels were around me, holding up the water and dishes assumingly for the metal bowls that held the herbs. 

There were Two rows of 6 chairs and there were 6 of us. I’m assuming two of us who looked younger were here for trial. The rest were aunties who came in flip flops and plopped themselves down as if they were here for a daily wash. No wonder people said aunties are rich. I mean, they looked like the normal hdb aunties who didn’t even bother to upkeep their image. I looked at the lady next to me. Her hair was thick, rough, and unkempt. And she fell asleep right now during the steam. Next to her was this lady who sat unattended to. She was probably here to accompany her friend and enjoy free air con at same time.

Treatment finally started at 1.45pm.

I was given a ginseng shampoo that felt so-so. Some massage came with it (5min). After wash, the consultant even showed me the ball of hair that came off during the process. Very brave of her to show me, I thought.

I had herbs applied onto mainly the top of the head and given a steam. But because my scalp is now more sensitive than before, the steam felt a little unbearable on the head. I tried to lower myself into the chair to get away from the steam. My towel on the shoulder dropped to the floor but no one cared. My steam started at 2pm. It’s 2.10 now and my back is aching badly but the steam is still on. My back aches because I hurt it recently. It was getting better just yesterday.

2.15 and My scalp has now gotten used to the heat, probably burnt by now. I can only feel tingles and pricks all over my head. I wondered why the consultant told me we can’t use overly warm water to wash our hair.

Another PRC behind me was dying her hair. Hmmm looks like they have other services. Probably the dying is for those who face graying hair issues.

2.30, the steam is still on. I have such a bad backache by now that I noticed the chairs have lost their cushioning such that I keep slipping forward. The machine beeps. Finally… it took another 5 min for the machine to cool down and stop.

The consultant comes and gets me to wash off the herbs, this round she does not dare tug pull or even massage. Good, she now knows how serious a condition she is dealing with.

The final step was a really quick blow dry and application of 3 types of sprays in between. Took no more than a few spritzes. 

And so my treatment ended at 2.50pm after which I was shown my scalp and given options again. 

All in all, human contact with my hair by consultant was 20minutes, and the remaining time I was attended to by the steam machine and the hairdryer. And nearly 1 hour of pet talk. No wonder they told me the whole treatment will be 1-2.5hours, except they omitted the pet talk.

If you asked me, I liked that the products did not stink of herbs, and consultant was not too pushy. I guess it helped that I’m really firm and direct.

However my hair felt like grass even tho she said she will apply conditioner. And there were lots of herbs not washed off from my scalp.

I left with my 3 small samples and promised I will consider her final offer ($1500 for 2-in-1 (cleansing and regrowth) with further 15% and $100 cash back, 1 set of 10 bottles of herbal drink, and 1 set of customized products.

Ultimately she was out to earn my money. She concluded my hair follicles were really malnutritioned, said I was more suited for regrowth as my scalp seemed healthy and she was confident that though she cannot help me with the entire hair loss problem, she could slow it down.

I guess I’m better off going for supplements and to a hair loss clinic for now.

Update on 3 June 2017

We got a little drenched in the rain from scooting at Bishan park yesterday evening but I didn’t wash my hair. This morning, when I washed my hair, less than 10 strands of hair came out, compared to the huge balls of hair I used to get. Hmmm… 
Update on 19 June 2017

I still get balls of hair. But somehow, there seems to be growth of hair? I’m going to give the product continued use, especially the hair sprays and tonic.


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