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D’Resort Chalet with kids

May is always a fun month with lots of birthdays bashes.

We decided to avoid the peak season and booked a stay at D’Resort last weekend. The newly renovated chalet definitely gave us more than what we were looking for.

Nice room overlooking the Royal Flush at www. I got free birthday balloon bunch, with a handwritten card! The peeps at D’Resort are so attentive! Now, before I make everything sound so nice and fun, let me say that the my type of unit only provides the most basic amenities – bath towels, Tv with cable (good connection and has good channels), fan, air con (which seemed permanently fixed at 23 deg…brrrr), 2-door fridge, 4 bottles of water a day. Don’t expect toothbrushes, bedroom slippers and what not. We are there to play! Housekeeping was so on the ball..I put the dnd sign on when we went to www, but they still cam in on their own to clean up the room and replace the water. I left all 3 iPads, and a wad of $50 in the room, but nothing went missing…phew….I don’t know whether to compliment or rant for this.

We paid a total of $310 including a booking for a bbq pit, 3D2N stay (check in at 3pm, check out at 11am) and received a truckload of vouchers as it was a special birthday package. There were 4 wild wild wet vouchers that gave us unlimited entry to the place for 3 days. Season Parking was st $10 per day for NTUC members and $12 for members of public.

We stayed at the Mangrove area which has the most bbq pits. While I didn’t get a ground floor unit which had direct access to the pit from the balcony, we got a rather pleasant pit because it was next to a small road that was cordoned off and the kids got lots of play space while the adults cooked and ate away. I had a really fun time preparing the food, totally enjoyed the bacon with enoki wraps!

The pit was huge. Our family of 10 had a fun time bbqing.

Activities in downtown east where the chalet is located is aplenty. There is the e-avenue connnected directly to D’Resort and the e-hub that you can access by cutti through the multi storey car park. Loads of food options and groceries are available.

In fact, I had such a rushed time preparing for the chalet that I forgot to bring toothbrushes and paste but everything was available there.

But anyway, we were there to play. Www was a first for me, and we will definitely be visiting again. I don’t have any pics in the www, but I got an overview from my room. It is a fun water park with lots of kid and family friendly rides. You do not need to know how to swim, they do give life vests and floats.

I thought we would be done with www in half a day and would get out for lunch. Never did I expect we would stay through the day. I brought only $10 cash with me, and only purchase a meatball spaghetti and pack of chips for all 3 of us. Pathetic…lol.. but somehow it filled us up nicely! To give you a rough picture of the prices in www, main courses (palm sized box of food) cost $7-9. You can get 4-pax family meals at $30). And you gotta pay for a locker which gives unlimited access.

Verdict for D’Resort: 4/5 (minus one cos my husband didn’t come with us, and because I had to deal with two boys constantly fighting.. haha) otherwise it’ll be 5/5!
Verdict for wild wild wet: 5/5


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