Nasi Lemak

Sundays are for indulging in your kids favorite food. So we woke up today and the kids requested Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak is an Asian dish known for its fragrant rice(nasi) cooked with coconut milk (Lemak), accompanied by all your favourite dishes. Because the rice is so fragrant, it makes everything else taste wonderful. It is best eaten with fried chicken wings, curry, and eggs.

While it looks relatively simple to cook, marinating the chicken will take a while. Do that overnight if you must.

Fragrant rice

5cups rice to 250ml coconut milk

1 huge bundle of pandan leaves 

Turmeric chicken wings

Marinade as you would normally do and add about 2 tsp turmeric powder. Add cornflour and tapioca starch for that slight coating and crisp

Curry vegetable

I use the ready mix from “sheen supply”, and throw in all my favorite veg – cabbage, carrots, long beans, brinjal, tau pok

Fried wonton

Trim the wonton skins to make small cute wontons that are fast to fry (3min) and require less oil.

Last but not least, cut up some cucumbers to take away that oiliness of th  fried dishes. Enjoy!


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