Library for kids

Sengkang Library

The newly renovated Sengkang library spans two levels in Compass One. 

It boasts a sleeker and cleaner look. Though less comfortable compared to the previous design with carpeted floors and interesting chairs all about, it is practical and packs in more books than human beings. In the past, the library was like a playground because it was too cozy. You would get kids hiding in all corners and sitting everywhere on the carpeted floors, as if they were reading. Librarians had to be deployed as security guards to hush them up.

Now that they have separated the noisy sections (read: kids and tweens) from the adults section in two different levels, I think the adults can finally read in peace. 

At the kids section, it is still rather noisy. But because the area now looks a little more sterile and solemn, you don’t see anyone sitting on the floors (hospital flooring type) and playing hide and seek or catching. I think the collection of books is now doubled too.

Good place to go? Of course! Books were everything to me when I was young, and I hope to impart this gift of knowledge to my children in the same way. It really makes me feel comforted when ryan appreciates books and can sit through a book. For the older one, I guess not so. Lol. iPads are more for him.

Walkway and stairway to level 3

Showcase of artwork

Tween’s section 


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