Restaurants not for kids

Marmalade Pantry

This is a happy story where everything nice and sweet falls in place. Erm, ok, not all. Just the pudding.

I visited Marmalade Pantry at Ion after reading good reviews.

It’s rare for me to eat sweet stuff except for dark chocolate. I go for savoury stuff more.

But if there’s only one sticky toffee pudding with vanilla cream I must eat, it has to be this.. undeniably the signature from the cafe.

Sorry it’s a #latergram again. Cut into it out of excitement cos i wanna to see if anything oozed out. No, there wasn’t. But the core is so warm, moist, tad sticky, and goes like a match in heaven with that cold vanilla ice cream.

The other lemon cupcake “limonette” was way too sweet. The waiter said many people commented so too, to which he earned my glare. Cmon, feedback is meant to be heard and followed.

Here’s the diabetic cake..

And here are the other cakes..

Pretty eye candy with pretty price tag. But trust me, the sticky date pudding works.

Someone cue Jessie j’s “it’s all about the money”

Service wise, I was ushered hurriedly without any greetings to my table which I could hardly squeeze into. They definitely made every inch count for different body siZes. No apologies issued when I commented on the squeeze. Waitress looks like she was ready to show me the door. I asked for my bill later on and it never came. Again, no apologies issued. Waiter flashed me his million dollar smile. I guess being clothed in a suit gave him that right.
And did I mention, I had a family with babieSS on my right, and behind, and a group of cackling ladies on my left. As you would probably have guessed, i devoured whatever i went in for, and left promptly in 15 minutes.

If food panda would deliver this, I could eat it on the posh comfort of my … bed.


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