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I love Thai Food!

Ever since I’ve attended cooking classes in Bangkok, my cooking improved by leaps and bounds.

Not that they teach us elaborate cooking. Rather, it’s getting acquainted to spices, herbs and understanding how they blend and taste that made it all much easier. Even though they have so much of herbs, cooking is a breeze. Most foods use only a few ingredients and it’s really fast and easy to cook. Imagine the tom yum soup you buy at restaurants for $10-15 can be made just by throwing a kaffir lime leave, lemongrass, and blue ginger (galangal) into boiling water? This holy trinity costs $1.90 at mustafa and ntuc.

But why Thai? Many would associate Thai food with pungency and spiciness. That’s where you are wrong! Thai food has its milder sides like steamed and stir fry dishes that are very suitable for the asian chinese as it’s similar to our dishes. And they get rather creative which gives their food an extra touch compared to chinese food which I kind of find a bit boring.

The thais sure cook with lots of spices. Just chili and coriander alone, they have so many different types.

All that sharp tastes has made me more sensitive to the foods I eat. In every bite, I am visualizing the ingredients and condiments that go into it.

Back in sg, I don’t know any thais. But watching “hot Thai kitchen” on YouTube has extended my knowledge and love for Thai food further. 

I’m glad today I’ve found another online source and I’m sharing it here so I can remember!

Happy learning!

And for now, nothing related to Thai dishes, but here are my healthy creations for lunch and dinner today. It’s a busy week due to the older boy’s exams so I’m making steamed tofu together with the rice in the rice cooker and wrapping the cod in foil to bake in the oven together with the finger foods. Just a cheat to share, I don’t like buying too many ingredients as we are a small family. Hence I use the same ingredients in different dishes.

Also, if you see the minced meat on top of the tofu, I did not buy a packet of minced meat for that. I have lots of Tay’s frozen finger food such as chicken bites and chicken with seaweed in my freezer. I simply chopped up two pieces of those chicken, mixed with cornflour and egg yolk, and some dug out tofu from the middle of the tofu, and put that mixture back onto the tofu. The hubby said it’s nice, he didn’t know it’s processed food..🤣

The sauce for both dishes are the same – garlic Caramellized in butter, oyster sauce, chinese cooking wine, some sesame oil. 


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