Eating out with kids

Dian Xiao Er 店小二

Disclaimer: not a paid review. I ain’t no popular blogger so nobody’s gonna pay me for any review anyway. So yea, true honest opinions only.

It was lunch time madness everywhere as it’s Labour Day holiday. 

We couldn’t bear queueing up at Din Tai Fung as we were rushing for a movie.

So we made a beeline for the restaurant with no queue or least queue.

And Dian Xiao er was it.

Hubby recommended the duck. A medium plate would cost us about $20. I looked at the menu and wanted to order another medium sized tofu dish. It would cost about $20 too.

After doing some quick mental sums, I decided to go for the set menu. And after trying it, I would definitely recommend it to any parent with kids.

  1. Dishes are not oily or salty and very healthy for kids!
  2. I am very sensitive to food with msg, but this did not leave me begging for water.
  3. Portion is excellent.
  4. There is definitely quality in the food. Cooked to perfection. 
  5. Price is a little above average, but more than makes up for it with the quantity and quality.

Our “healthier” set meal for 3 pax came up to $80 after GST and service charge. No additional charges if there are no drinks, and I think adding a drink is not quite the thing to do as there’s already soup. There were 4 of us – 2 adults, a 10 and 4 year old who werent very hungry. When the food was served, both boys scrunched their noses and declared they were just having the white rice. Fine by me. As we ate, the dishes disappeared at a rate I had to remind them that by half time, I haven’t even touched any of the dishes except the spinach as I figured I had to eat most of it since im the only one who behaves closest to my chinese horoscope. Even the older boy who declares war against vegetables took some spinach and continued taking more. Amazing cos this never happened.

The herbal duck with dang GUI was superb. So was the fish slices, tofu, and spinach, and double boiled soup. Extremely worth it I would say. Mmmm..the taste of the duck still lingers on in my palate…

On hindsight, a two-Pax meal that costs $58.50 for four of us would have been more than sufficient. Good things are meant to be shared!


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