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Find iPhone app, a solid screen and phone protector, and women’s instincts..

We had a little journey today…actually not quite little. It was a bit of a whirlwind..

So hubby went to get breakfast, and left his phone on top of his car because “his pockets were full” 🤔 and he was carrying lots of hot stuff.

Ok never mind, let’s skip to the point cos the above doesn’t make sense to me at all. (I mean how full can pockets bloody get with one wallet and one phone..)

So he drove off, and the phone naturally fell to the ground. 

And he only found out and exclaimed when he reached home. I quickly smsed my number to the lost phone – your number needs to appear immediately in the Sms in order for people to view it when it pops up in the home screen as a notification (assuming the phone is still not off yet). We also locked the phone via the Find iPhone app and displayed a message for the person to call my number on the only screen shown in the lock mode.

So we started an one hour witch hunt using the app “Find iPhone”. The phone travelled all the way slowly to Buangkok Crescent, and seemingly stopped there. So did we, but faster because we drove. We wAlked around trying to track the phone but just couldn’t locate it. So I sent a few more texts, albeit rather haunting ones… I said “I reached. I can see you”. At this point, I felt like CSI was playing in my head.

When we reached the closest area, I did an area scan. The location said it was at the last kampong in Singapore (lorong Buangkok). Damn, I needed to feed the mozzies just to get the bloody phone back. What a big sacrifice cos I am one big walking moxie magnet! 

When we reached, the location started changing to somewhere nearby.

We stopped at the entrance of an estate as I figured we were near enough to go on foot, and the car couldn’t go further in. I looked around. Lots of construction sites. The women’s instincts told me its someone from those sites, someone who must have cycled to there given the looks of it. I asked a group of Pakciks who were chatting at the void deck table, none of them owned up. (Ok, so I was being presumptuous, but seriously this is my first time using the app, how the hell I would know it’s not that fantastic in its location finding, so I naturally treated everyone like a criminal  suspect.) and so I walked around, holding my iPhone and hell did that location keep changing (slightly) and it never showed my own location properly. I gave up and went back to the car where hubby was waiting. He said forget it cos the person does not have intention to return since it’s been nearly 1 hour. And we had to fetch the older boy from class. So, I said we will come back for it, not without giving one last call and praying quietly. 

Now, if you have the app, turn it on, and you’ll know what I mean. I am holding both the iPhone and iPad in my hand, and yet the location can be showing both about 100m apart. Best, the locations keeps changing. Gosh, seriously Apple? Your technology hasn’t been upgraded?!

But you know what. Apple sucks, but thank God we have a reason to believe that humans are still kind. After fetching my older boy, a call came to my phone from an unknown but listed number. “Hello, you looking for a phone?” That kind manly voice said. I guess I need not describe whatever ensued. 

He said he would call when he gets to a bus stop and can see the blk number. I never gave that a chance. Using my women’s instincts, I sniffed him out the minute I got there. When I secured the target, I fired a shot from my sniper gun immediately called the number, and saw him picking up. Hubby dashed out of the car to waylay meet him. We shook hands with this kind Indian man who cycled from where hubby lost his phone, to his construction site at Buangkok. 

We offered a small reward but he refused. He said there was no point keeping the phone anyway. 

And so the journey ended. We had a cracked tempered glass protector, and slightly damaged otter phone case which allowed the phone to survive. But heck, it was in good working order! And saved us from hell load of hassle to erase and reload all data into another phone. (We have many backup phones which we could have easily done so). But thank goodness my women’s instincts went into csi mode. ..

And thank God (nonetheless) for Apple “Find iPhone” app (but not to its location tracking), and thank God my faith in humanity is restored today. 

Most importantly, Thank you to the anonymous Indian Singaporean who understood the importance of a phone. May God bless your soul.


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