Makeup Review

Review: Diorskin perfect foundation shade 11

I am a sucker for fast foundations. Like pat on and go. And they must have SPF.

When a friend introduced me to this, she said something that attracted me to purchase it. 
(I’m a Chanel Matt lumiere extreme addict for as long as I’ve known it. Each trip abroad sets me $78 aside at the duty free for a full compact (refills not sold at duty free). It’s the cheapest you can get. )
My friend said since diorskin perfect cushion is a liquid compact, it won’t crack and break unlike powder compacts, even on hard impact. Wow…yes! That’s something I need! Each time I bring the powder compacts out, I risk getting powder all over its bag. So I splurged $68 at DFS (the shilla) at the Airport. It’s about $5-10 cheaper compared to shops like Sephora.
After trying, I feel its coverage is not as good as Chanel.  But it’s less drying, and seems like a smoother finish. Surprisingly, it held up pretty well through Bkk weather. By the end of the day, it seems to be still on the face like some waterproof magic. So much so it doesn’t rub off on the pillow even if I rest on them. Not sure if that chokes up the pores, but I got some red small pimple-like bumps. I can’t quite pinpoint if the bumps came from the foundation, the Bkk weather, Bkk pollution, or the snail cream (see previous post).
I will continue to try in SG and update this post.
Update on 24 April 2017
Don’t ever put this on when your skin is patchy or flaking. It accentuates those horrors even more…and yes, after a long day without any touch ups, my patchy pink skin shows on the cheeks, together with those red bumps that I’ve mentioned earlier. It’s like the skin reacted to the make up.
But when you do have pretty nice skin going on, its a perfect foundation to pat on in less than half a minute and walk out looking gorgeous. Just dont expect full coverage and for the foundation to last the whole day. You’ll need reapplication if you are on a long day. Other than these (and the huge price tag given the seemingly small amount of foundation inside), I would purchase for lazy days like weekends where I only want a quick and moderate coverage.

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