Skincare Review

Namu Snail White Moisture Cream Review

The Namu snail white moisture cream seems to be the bomb in Bangkok.

Most reviews seems to point to it as an expensive (SGD38) And over-raved cream.

I never think any creams will give us a vavavoom effect immediately, but I don’t expect them to worsen skin.

I got this product as I’m attracted to the idea of snail slime.. I mean, that slime is gross but looks high in collagen. Also, the Bkk scorching weather and the extremely dry aircon in the hotel room had stripped my skin of its moisture, resulting in dry flaky skin on the FACE. All that foundation stood out like sore patches.

So, I got a bottle at the pharmacy at Big C. It’s supposedly on sale at 950 baht. Boots pharmacy is also selling at the same price. Many online sites warn of fakes. I’ve seen those at 850 baht at the night markets. They also carry two seals, one on the box and probably one inside too. I mean, how hard can it be to make seals out of stickers. So, I only get mine from reliable sources.

The first night I went with some facy sheet collagen mask. No effect. On the contrary, it felt like there was tons of alcohol stinging my face.

Second night onwards, snail cream was used. Hmm…by the last day in Bkk (3 nights in use), I could tell the flaking skin was healing.

The cream feels like a gel and stretches out like cheese if you press it between your fingers. The instructions says to warm it slightly between fingers. It goes onto the skin and creates a thin film, which I think will be visible in non aircon places. But because I was in the aircon room, it sort of dried up to a smooth finish. By the next morning, skin does look a little more hydrated and slightly smoother.

Fair review? I will say pretty much, because I’m not a skincare person at all. I didn’t bring any skincare to Bkk except the cleanser and facial wash. I look forward to better skin with this snail cream!


Update @ 24 April 17

Not the most moisturizing cream I have used. I think the packaging sold with its clean white lines, and that very hygienic dispensing system. But usage wise, really, nothing to boost about, except skin feels a little firmer, but it can’t repair my sensitive skin that loves to flake whenever there are hormonal changes.


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