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Checking Out EZBuy

Disclaimer: purely personal opinions only for this post. Not a paid review.

Never in my life have I thought that I would buy stuff directly from taobao website.

I mean, those scary mandarin words once put me off so badly I swore never to buy from any website in mandarin. Plus, back in the olden days, you only could deal with “mandarin writing” people to buy anything off those websites. And did I mention they almost only did local shipping and payment mode was using their country’s credit card?
I found out about EZbuy about a year ago and finally had the courage to try with the encouragement of friends.
If you are like me a year ago, and think that buying stuff from china is so intimidating, and risky, let me assure u it isn’t. Of course, I guess you will still need to be wise and careful about what you really buy, and u will still need to read reviews, and of cos take some risk cos goods do have a chance to be lost or spoilt during shipping, as with ALL goods. However, using EZbuy solved 90% of those problems.
If you haven’t heard of EZbuy, it is a local SG online agent website that allows you to purchase stuff directly from many countries like USA, Taiwan, china without owning an address or credit card in any of those places.
What EZbuy does is let you cut and paste links from any of the sites they support (eg Amazon, taobao) and their agents will do the purchasing, shipping, and checking for you until the product reaches your door step safely.
And the price? Local shipping (within the country of origin), international shipping (from country of origin to SG) and agent fee (8% of product price) is added onto the product price. Before you start commenting that the shipping costs will kill, here’s a breakdown of the cost of this item I got for my little one.
You decide.
Box of 1350 stick connectors for kids to engage in cognitive play and practice their construction/fine motor skills.
Price of product (listed on taobao): S$9.29
Domestic shipping: free
International shipping: estimate $5-7 (sorry I can’t confirm cos I am not logged in while typing this)
Total cost :$14-$17
Agent fee: free agent fee promotion so it’s free!
Do be smart and do yourself a favor by always checking local price before buying. Seriously, not everything is cheaper after shipping.
But this connectors? They are sold at usual toy shops for about $10/ small bottle of about 200-300 pieces. You do the sums and decide.
More info on EZbuy will be shared later on as I’m rushing for work now, but of cos u can feel free to comment if you’ll like to know more.
And disclaimer again!!! I’m just a satisfied user of EZbuy, no personal gains or referral fee earned whatsoever. C’mon…I really don’t have the time for all that commission based income.
Have a good day!! Weekend is coming!

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