Bangkok with Kids

If you haven’t been to Bangkok with your kids, this post is a must read for you!

Bangkok is a really warm place, with temperatures reaching 39-40 deg C on most days. A flight from Singapore will take approx 2.5 hours, excluding land transfers. While Bangkok (BKK) is getting pretty developed, it’s still very much a place we would associate as slightly backward as the life is still pretty traditional – think lots of hawking on streets, not exactly the best sanitary systems, but lots of friendly people who can speak some English.

What’s so fun about visiting bkk then? Let’s give a low down of the pros:

  • lots of cheap and good food (each meal can go as low as $2 or 50 baht)
  • lots of cheap shopping (clothes, shoes, bags, u name it!)
  • Lots of cheap taxi/tuk tuk rides (metered taxis can get you from one place to another at really low costs…average trips on metered taxis cost $2-4. It’s totally convenient as Taxis are everywhere but you gotta be smart to insist they go by meter by checking with the driver before he starts the journey. Now, tuk tuks are the cute open-door 3-wheelers the T hais use to break all traffic rules. And, you have to pay a slightly higher price, though it’s still considered really cheap. Now, before you get me wrong, they are really fun to sit on, and they get you to your destination much faster cos they can dart through traffic faster than cars. But trust me, In The sweltering heat and much dreaded traffic jam all around the main shopping belts, taxis are the best choice. Fully air-conditioned, cheaper than tuk tuks, and comfortable, your kids won’t give you a hard time…
and the cons?
  • Not the most kid friendly place (most tourist attractions are rather out of reach – you’ll need to travel via public transport for at least 45min-2hours for stuff like floating markets, zoos, safaris.
  • It’s too hot for kids… Think scorching heat from 10am-4pm. Trust me, you’ll end up indoors 90% of time. Honestly, 90% of our trips ended up with one boy down with fever.. So bring all the medications!
  • Safety .. This is of course top priority in foreign countries. One other safety I must add is road safety.. Bkk roads are uneven, with dirty puddles, steps, broken concrete and pot holes. I spent most of my time carrying my 3-year old when we walked on the street. No doubt, massage is cheap….but my muscles still ache cos who the hell does so much carrying as compared to being in SG!
So, why am I still recommending bkk??
On the overall, Bkk has given me lots of fun and cheap thrills. My kids enjoy the tuk tuk rides, eating  their yumilicious street food, visiting night markets to play games and get cheap stuff like toys, and chilling in the hotel which has a big bath tub for waterplay and good wifi for their games. Put it simply, parents can chill and slack, and so can kids.
At the door step of your hotel, you can simply hop onto taxis or tuks tuks to get to your destination without thinking of how fast the meter will jump. That’s a real life saver.
Let’s go into details as I share some of the highlights of my trip.
Cost : $100-120 per night if you want spacious hotel room, with 2 queen beds. I enjoy staying at Berkeley hotel. Has a huge bath tub, separate shower area, good location for the price. You get night markets (palladium night market and the newest talad neon night market) surrounding you, cheap street food just opposite. In fact, the raved kaiton chicken rice is just nearby, and SabX2 wanton Mee is about 500m away. It’s located at the famed pratunam area, with the “orchard road” belt just 500m away. For this price, it’s a steal.
Everywhere, literally everywhere, there’s food.
I recommend this famous After You dessert.
Famed shibuya honey toast at 185 baht
Nutella panna cotta …don’t mind the appearance cos it was so yummy, I’m sure you can google it. By now, I have to say, if you are reading, be prepared for lots of #latergram. It’s not that easy to take lots of pics with kids around.. Most of the time, I can only take them after I’ve satisfied everyone’s cravings/needs. Sigh…

Mangoes galore! Cheap, sweet, juicy! The right pic is durian.. I took it to show you how gigantic their durians can get, but don’t ever get them cos they don’t taste nice,,

Yummy gelato on a tuk tuk cart inside the “Zen” shopping centre at central world shopping centre.
Look! McD has fish and chips!
Absolutely to die for chee Toh (cheese toast, as pronounced by Thais cos they can’t really do the s and blends well). The best one is at the level of the supermarket at Siam Paragon shopping centre. This pic was taken at talad neon night market.
Look at the Chee….I can keep pulling and pulling and it’ll never come off….
Let’s the pics do the talking! I explored Talad neon market this time. Let’s just say it’s a smaller version of night market, but it has everything, minus the heat and crowd? Prices definitely slightly higher, but you will still get it much cheaply than in SG, so just bargain and buy la…
I think if you’ve been to any night market, most stuff are similar. Hence, this is a good snapshot. With kids around, don’t bother going to those highly raved markets like chatuchak, or rod fai. Too far, too hot, and maybe the same price even if you are noob at bargaining or too tired to bargain cos the kids are pestering you for ice cream and stuff. You know that one.
Shoes, slippers and sandals to be exact..
Bags, clothes
Handmade cushions, knick knacks
Cheap tempered glass for your gadgets!
Drinks – alcoholic and non
Hp embellishments! Cheap and cute!
You won’t believe, but there was a long queue for this guy’s hair cutting and styling…I wouldn’t recommend you do this due to hygiene purpose…
More bags with fun designs… All no copyright la…so it’s cheap cheap…
Food sections have proper tables and chairs
Skewered bbq
Yummy fried chicken! It’s 10 baht or 40 cents per piece. Buy 5 free 1. In all, you pay $2 for a piece of chicken the size of shih Lin’s xxl cutlet. This has got more flat ours. Go try!
Toys are a must for kids! Lots of childhood cheap thrills here!
Mo food.
Fresh seafood at cheap price. A huge salt crusted bbq fish goes for $10 only.
Yummy Chee fry and Chee Toh…
Latest nitrogen fruits. Nice kick to try, but personally I didn’t cos I’ve heard horror burn stories when the seller didn’t get his act right. Not in Bkk, but elsewhere la.
Some meat and cheese bbq stall. They’ve got ribs, sausages, and a long queue…
Games section! Throw a few dollars down the drain, and maybe get a huge soft toy if you are lucky, but really, I guess it’s more for kids enjoyment. We earned a huge doraemon after throwing $12 away. And still, the kids fought over it cos it’s just one piece. Argh!

Bouncy castle and playgrounds. Nope, I didn’t let the kids in. Hygiene was just not there.

In summary, talad neon has got whatever you are looking for. Cheap socks (6 pairs for $4), cheap food ($2 for shih lin size cutlets), cheap stuff (average $4-8 for shoes, bags, decors). Really, no joke, everything that you are looking for is here, even kitchen ware. So don’t say Bo Jio!
I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned! Of cos, it’s hard to express everything in one post. If you need further help, feel free to let me know!

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